06 112015

Charleston vs. Savannah: The Poll!

So...have you wondered if all this talk amounts to anything? I'm hoping it does, but I need anyone and everyone who knows something about Charleston *and* Savannah to weigh in. In the spirit of rivalry, I've created a poll. Let's get some data people! Poll Maker

02 112015

Charleston vs. Savannah: The Friendliest Competition, Part II

"The general fact is that the most effective way of utilizing human energy is through an organized rivalry, which by specialization and social control is, at the same time, organized cooperation." -Charles Horton Cooley, Human Nature and the Social Order, 1902 Ravenel Bridge, Charleston, SC. Source: Wikipedia When starting a transportation business with a range

09 102015

Charleston vs. Savannah: The Friendliest Competition, Part I

  Charleston versus Savannah? Which one? Both? How much time for each? During my years away from home, this was a question posed by so many different people in so many different contexts, and it always results in a good discussion with locals, visitors, and prospective travelers alike. While some people always passionately defend their

08 102015

Free car service in downtown Charleston. It’s electric!

Yes, I'm a big proponent of walking and biking and transit. Sometimes, however, a car really fits the bill. In those cases I'm a fan of Uber, and I've heard good things about Charleston Green Taxi too. But what's this? A totally free car service in downtown Charleston? In 100% electric, emission-free vehicles?Presenting Scoop. They

01 102015

Mr. Bourdain, Food, Charleston

Stick around all season. It's gonna be a good one. Just ask @hseanbrock and Bill Murray. #PartsUnknown— Parts Unknown (@PartsUnknownCNN) September 28, 2015

22 092015

The Journey Is the Reward

Well, I suppose a few setbacks were to be expected, but they haven't kept me from pushing this thing forward. So, finally, I can officially say that we have a launch date (October 2nd!), and tickets are available to be purchased online. Please bear with us as we sort through the inevitable bugs, and if

01 092015

So, it’s September…

It's not by mistake that I've been pretty vague about the launch date for the ACE Basin Express, and I'm afraid that isn't going to change now. I really want to make sure that all of the service details are solid before asking anyone to buy a ticket, and I'm still waiting on confirmation of

24 082015

A Bit of Background: Part 2

Savannah's Monterey Square During my years at the U.S. Department of Transportation's Volpe Center, I spent a good deal of time working on federal policies related to alternative transportation. When someone would ask me to explain this in more detail, I would usually say something like: "We work with cities, states, and other government agencies

04 082015

I Bought a Bus!

To be specific, a Sprinter Minibus, configured for thirteen passengers. The actual process merits a full post, but for now, here's a pic, so it's clear that we're not talking about a big fancy coach or retrofitted school bus. I'm going for comfortable, nimble, and efficient. So far, I'm really pleased. Any thoughts/suggestions for graphics/wraps?