We’ll do our best to be on time. We ask that you do too!
Please be ready to board the ACE Basin Express at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. If possible, the ACE Basin Express will arrive at your designated pick-up location a few minutes early to allow time for luggage loading, boarding, and seat selection, while ensuring on-time arrival at your destination.

No Restroom On-board
There are no restroom facilities aboard the ACE Basin Express. By design, our schedule does not allow for restroom stops en route, so please plan accordingly.

Children and Infants
We welcome children of all ages on the ACE Basin Express. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. All passenger seats are equipped with lap seat belts (no shoulder harnesses) so please plan accordingly. Folding strollers can be stored in the vehicle’s rear luggage compartment.

All passengers requiring unique assistance are welcome, and all drivers are equipped to provide assistance to these passengers as needed. Unfortunately, the ACE Basin Express is unable to accommodate passengers traveling in a wheeled mobility device. The vehicle’s rear luggage compartment can accommodate collapsible wheelchairs and walkers. If you require special storage needs for mobility equipment, please inquire with advance notice so we can ensure adequate storage for all passengers.

Each passenger is limited to 2 pieces of luggage to be stored in the vehicle’s rear luggage compartment. There is room underneath most seats to store small carry-on items. Some trips may be identified as having limited luggage capacity. This means that one (or more) of our passengers is traveling with large equipment to assist with mobility needs (folding wheelchair, walker, etc.), and we are working to ensure adequate storage.

Bicycles and pets not allowed
I know, no fun at all. But unfortunately, we are not able to transport bicycles or pets at this time.

Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded.  We have limited availability and thus, must confirm payment at the time of reservation.  Reschedule requests can be accommodated on a space available basis with 48 hours notice.

Alcohol and Narcotics
Neither alcohol nor any illegal drug can be consumed on the ACE Basin Express, nor will intoxicated passengers be tolerated. Passengers who violate this policy may be removed from the vehicle at the driver’s discretion.

Smoking is prohibited on the ACE Basin Express.

Legal Terms and Conditions
The ACE Basin Express is managed exclusively by Alternative Transportation Group LLC. Tickets are non-transferable. The unauthorized resale of ACE Basin Express tickets is strictly prohibited. Tickets are valid only for the schedule, date and time for which purchased. Seats are reserved only with full payment. Seating is on a first come/first served basis, without regard to race, color, creed, orientation, national origin, or any other protected characteristic.

Fares are valid only for the schedule, date, and time for which quoted. Discounted fares are subject to date, time and schedule restrictions. Fare is fully refundable/exchangeable if ticket is canceled more than 24 hours prior to departure time. Fare is refundable for 50% of sales price if canceled between 8 and 24 hours prior to departure. Fares are payable only in U.S. dollars.

Departure dates, times, and departure/arrival locations may change based on construction, special events, weather, and any other special circumstances. ATG LLC will communicate, to the greatest extent possible, any changes to schedule and departure/arrival locations to all confirmed passengers. In the event of special circumstances where schedule and/or departure/arrival locations are changed, accommodations for all passengers will be made to the greatest extent possible, either through reassigned tickets, refunds, vouchers, or other compensation. ACE Basin Express is not responsible for delays caused by breakdowns, road conditions, weather, or other conditions beyond reasonable control.

ATG LLC values the comfort and safety of all passengers and operators and reserves the right to remove passengers that threaten this comfort and/or safety. Accommodations will be made to ensure any removed passenger’s transportation needs are met, at the expense of the removed passenger

Liability for luggage is limited by applicable tariff. All baggage must be claimed promptly upon arrival. Click here for a list of items which are not acceptable for carriage. ATG LLC reserves the right to open and inspect baggage.

ATG LLC is unable to accommodate passengers remaining in a wheeled mobility device during travel on the ACE Basin Express. Folding wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility equipment can be stored in the rear baggage compartment, but must be identified during the booking process to ensure accommodation.

ATG LLC is responsible only for transportation on its own vehicles in accordance with applicable tariffs and limitations and assumes no responsibility for any acts or omissions of others, except as imposed by law. In no event shall ATG LLC be liable for consequential or incidental damages for loss, damage or delay, including weather delays.